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  • High wind farm availability has a name: WINDcenter

    Maintaining the technical availability of wind turbines continuously at a high level is no easy task, as many of the plant's problems are still not identified in good time. Therefore, it is not surprising that even after an inspection, there is a defect, if not a failure, because the actual causes were not detected during service or by the Condition Monitoring System (CMS).

    Depending on the size and location of a wind farm as well as its market environment, the losses of revenue due to unrecognized or untimely corrected deviations can add up to several hundred thousand euros per year. Losses that can be avoided! 

    The WINDcenter is a manufacturer-independent solution package for the monitoring and optimization of wind farms, with which the availability of wind turbines can be further increased. The installation of sensors or measuring technology in advance is not necessary because the core of our solution are the IT expert systems from STEAG Energy Services, which have been tried and tested in the energy industry for decades. With these extremely powerful systems, we can monitor a large amount of operational data from the wind turbine`s SCADA system, additionally analyze the data from already installed CMS and in case of abnormalities, carry out a high-quality analysis. Here we bundle all our experience in the energy industry for wind energy. Our Goal: To detect early changes in the operating behavior of wind turbines, before a problems or major damages occur and lead to significant yield losses. 

    In an interview, the head of the WINDcenter answers questions. Fabio Wagner explains how the modular range offered by STEAG Energy Services can be used in practice, describes the peculiarities of the manufacturer-independent system using concrete examples and illustrates why wind farm operators benefit from the combination of intelligent IT systems and expert knowledge.