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    STEAG Refinery Power Plant Leuna, Germany

    Engineer for the construction of the STEAG refinery power plant Leuna (owned and operated by STEAG)

    STEAG Energy Services (SES) has performed the following services in a multi-lot approach: development of the construction site including dismantling of existing plant, preliminary and basic design, licensing and implementation planning, tender procedure, project management, detail engineering, construction management, commissioning. After commissioning SES supports the operational staff with engineering support in the fields of trouble-shooting, revisions, retrofits and QA&QC.

    Outputelectricity: 101 MW (3 steam turbines)
    steam: 162 t/h (3 oil-fired boilers)
    steam: 155 t/h (1 gas-fired boiler)
    Fuelultra-heavy oil residues and off-gas
    CustomerSTEAG GmbH
    Execution of SES services1994 - ongoing