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    Power Plant Neurath BoA Units F and G, Germany

    Soot Blowing Management

    IT solution continuously determines fouling of all heating surfaces in power plant Neurath

    Depending on the mining location, the lignite in use is prone to fouling. Especially the application of the soot blowers is to be automated in such a way that the blowers are activated depending on the operating condition. The goal of this measure mainly consists in an increased economic efficiency of the plant operation as well as the timely detection of major ash deposit build-up on the heating surfaces. The expert system SR::BCM will make it possible to achieve optimal soot blowing times considering proximity effects on the condition of the heating surfaces as well as an intelligent grouping of soot blowing procedures.

    Installed capacity1.100 MW
    Implemented IT solutionsoot blowing management (SR::BCM)
    Technologylignite-fired power plant
    CustomerRWE AG
    Execution of SES services2011