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    Thermal Solar Power Plant, Spain

    Implementing a live CMMS during operation within a very short period of time

    The CMMS SI®/PAM was implemented on the basis of a minimal plant index and without predefined preventive maintenance measures. In addition, there was no ERP system at the site yet. At first, the pre-installation of the solution package “Operation & Maintenance“ of SI®/PAM took place on a platform accessible via the Internet in order to interactively inform about the progress of the project in each phase. In parallel, the data for the migration into the CMMS were prepared. Even before the operation management by SES started, the implementation workshop on SI®/PAM took place where also the organizational structure for operation management and maintenance was set up. In the course of this work, among other things all available plant data were imported into the CMMS. As early as six days after the workshop, the implementation of SI®/PAM as a live CMMS was achieved.

    Installed capacity49.9 MW net
    Installed IT solutionCMMS SI®/PAM
    TechnologySteam turbine: General Electric
    Mirror field: 156 loops / 510,120 m²
    Salt storage system: 24,500 t
    CustomerArenales Solar PS, S.L.
    Execution of SES services2013