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    Salonit Anhovo Cement Plant, Slovenia

    Reduction of specific energy demand

    In the cement plant Salonit Anhovo STEAG Energy Services (SES) implemented with the PiT Navigator an automatic closed-loop control.

    Services by SES: optimized control of kiln velocity, raw meal feed, primary and secondary fuel flows, air quantities and distributions in the cooler, grate velocities in the cooler, rotation speed of the hotdisc.

    Benefits: improvement of the energy consumption per ton of clinker by 2.2 percent; increase of secondary fuel input at the calciner by 1.1 percent; automatic reaction to changes of the free lime value and changes of the emission values.

    Production capacity3,100 t clinker per day
    Implemented IT solutionPiT Navigator Kiln
    Technologycement plant: Rotary kiln with five preheater stages, calciner and hotdisc
    CustomerSalonit Anhovo
    Execution of SES services04/2014 - 06/2015