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    Oberhausen Biomass CHP Plant, Germany

    Implementation of the CMMS SI®/PAM in trial operation

    SI®/PAM is to be applied as early as during the commissioning and in the trial operation of the new biomass CHP plant. SES built up a plant index according to KKS with a coding right up to equipment unit level. To do so, SES set up equipment unit classes instead of component types and provided them with specific attributes. The data were imported into the plant index on the basis of lists provided by the customer. Here the intelligent import interface of SI®/PAM allowed to remove data inconsistencies and thus to use the system already one week after provision. To document the trial operation, SES installed the most various message types in an event log so that a shift log was available in the short term as well. For this operation, the module was also supplemented with data fields for the selection of the most frequent causes of faults, the resulting downtimes, and an evaluation of the message types.

    Installed capacity3 MW electrical and 9 MW thermal output
    Implemented IT solutionCMMS SI®/PAM
    Technologybiomass CHP plant
    CustomerEnergieversorgung Oberhausen (evo)
    Execution of SES services2011