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    Bonn Waste Treatment Plant, Germany

    Short-term supply of SI®/PAM as all-in-one solution for maintenance

    At the customer‘s request, the modular, flexible CMMS SI®/PAM was implemented incrementally in two phases. In Phase 1, the plant index according to KKS was migrated from the data base of the previous IT system. Information from the control system of the waste treatment plant and a documentation database was available for the import of further technical data. In parallel to the implementation of the modules “Shift log“, “Recurring items“, “Tasks“, and “Information box“ (for the active notification of the staff members), workshops for key users were offered on a regular basis to coordinate the customer‘s requirements to the IT solution. These key users then trained the staff of the waste treatment plant. In Phase 2, the document management with intelligent connection to all relevant applications of SI®/PAM was set up and the module “Safety isolation“ was implemented. 

    Installed capacity250.000 t/a
    Installed IT solutionCMMS SI®/PAM
    TechnologyWaste treatment plant
    CustomerStadtwerke Bonn GmbH
    Execution of SES services2017