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    Windfarm Crucea Nord, Romania

    IT-based operation management and maintenance of a windfarm with a total output of 108 MW

    The modular CMMS system SI®/PAM (IT solution part of monitoring and optimization package WINDcenter) acquires all plant alarms. Each incoming fault message is logged in SI®/PAM together with short-term measures for fault clearance. If service operations are required, a “work request“ can be generated and transferred to an electronic mailbox. If such a request is accepted, a work order with the corresponding work flow is automatically effected in the CMMS system. In addition, the CMMS system is used for isolation measures. The personalized clearance is displayed via tablet PC in each plant and acknowledged by the service personnel in a paperless way, so that this information is immediately available in the Remote Control Center. Thus among other things, SI®/PAM offers a detailed overview of currently planned and ongoing work as well as the related downtimes of the wind energy plants. The benefits: Efficient operation management and maintenance of wind farms via a central IT solution; optimized work flows, faster response times; systematic planning and control of operations; higher transparency and work safety and valuable data base for analyses on the technical availability of wind energy plants.

    Installed capacity 36 x 3 Mwel
    Installed IT solutionIPS System SI®/PAM
    Altitude127 – 206 m a.SL.
    CustomerSTEAG GmbH
    Execution of SES services2014