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    Power Plant Guacolda, Bocamina 1/2, Santa Maria, Chile

    Flexibilization - Audit to verify key flexibility parameters of conventional power plants

    To obtain an optimal economic dispatch that respects the technical restrictions of power plants, the national dispatch coordinator CDEC-SIC uses different parameters to describe those restrictions. Each power plant is parameterized according to its capabilities. To set the parameter values correctly, CDEC-SIC has to rely on the information provided by the power plants. In cooperation with STEAG Energy Services GmbH (SES), CDEC-SIC has conducted an audit in several conventional (gas and coal-fired) power plants to verify their key flexibility parameters such as minimum load, start-up time, start-up costs and ramp rate.

    Installed capacity4x150 MW/128 MW/350 MW/350 MW
    Boiler typeonce through boiler
    CustomerCDEC SIC
    Execution of SES services2015 - 2017