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    CCPP Lausward Unit Fortuna, Germany

    Owner`s Engineer for world record holder with an efficiency of 61.5% @ 603.8 MW

    To sustain an uninterrupted energy supply for the city of Düsseldorf, a CCHP plant (Siemens H-class) was built at the existing Lausward power plant site. STEAG Energy Services (SES) performed the following services as Owner’s Engineer in a consortium with EnBW Kraftwerke AG: conceptual design, basic engineering, project management, permission documentation, tender documents, design review, supervision of quality assurance and expediting, construction site management and supervision of commissioning, site supervision.

    Installed capacity 630 MWel / 300 MWth
    Technology Siemens H-class
    Fuel natural gas
    Customer Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG
    Execution of SES services 2010 - 2016