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    Ruhleben Waste-Fueled CHP Plant, Germany

    CMMS implemented at the Ruhleben waste-fueled CHP plant

    In the past, the waste-fueled CHP plant had already used a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) from STEAG, which meanwhile had been replaced by another IT system. In the context of refurbishing the plant, a new powerful CMMS was sought in place of this system. The approach with SI®/PAM: while the data were exported from the existing IT system and then migrated into SI®/PAM, the data base from the former CMMS from STEAG could be imported directly into the new IT solution. During the implementation, all technical data of the existing plant as well as of the new combustion line were migrated including all technical documentations. Moreover, the migration of all materials of the plant suggested by the EPC contractor as well as their connection with technical objects in SI®/PAM were effected. In addition, central modules of the CMMS were implemented, among them the “Shift log”, the “Recurring items” and the “Document management”. By request, existing processes in the waste-fueled CHP plant were reviewed and, where applicable, optimized by means of the IT system, for instance the tracking of changes in documentations.

    Installed capacity500.000 t/a
    Installed IT solutionCMMS SI®/PAM
    CustomerBerliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe
    Execution of SES services2016