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    Projekt Kpone Independent Power Plant (KIPP), Ghana

    Owner’s Engineer: Project development and engineering in Ghana

    STEAG Energy Services (SES) has performed the following services: Owner’s engineer, technical project management, technical advisory and supervision, design review, quality management and quality assurance, supervision at factory and site, commissioning supervision and commissioning management after replacement of main engineering company, supervision of tests, operation and acceptance testing, close-out of open point items after COD are ongoing.  

    Installed capacity350 MWel
    Technologycombined cycle power plant (CCPP), multishaft: two GTG-GE9E, two HRSG-NEM, one STG-Siemens
    CustomerCenpower Generation
    Execution of SES services2014 – 09.2016 COD
    ongoing post COD support