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    Construction CCPP INEOS O10, Germany

    Owner's Engineer: Power generation plant for hydrogen and hydrogen-rich gases

    INEOS is building a combined heat and power plant in Cologne-Worringen. The plant will burn
    gaseous and liquid production residues and supply the production facilities with steam (at
    various pressure levels) as well as electricity.

    STEAG Energy Services GmbH acts as Owner’s Engineer with the following services:

    •  Feasibility Study
    •  Conzept Design
    •  Basic Boiler Design
    •  Tendering
    •  Bid Evaluation
    •  Elaboration of license application
    •  Design Review
    •  Engineering Management
    •  Construction supervision
    •  Commissioning

    Gas Turbine / Steam Generator 25 MW / 240 t/h
    Backpressure steam turbine 38 MW
    Steam supply at 60 bar, 30 bar, 15 bar and 5 bar
    Thermal utilization of following residues HP-, LP-, extractable organic halogen residual
    gases, H2-gas, hydrocyanic acid, crack oil
    Customer INEOS Köln GmbH
    Execution of SES services 12/2013-05/2014 (Feasibility study)
    10/2014 (Start of Engineering Services)