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    BP STEAM at Refinery Gelsenkirchen-Scholven, Germany

    Planning, Construction and Operation of four New High-Pressure Steam Boilers and their Auxiliary Plants

    Ruhr Oel GmbH (ROG) is planning a total of 4 new high-pressure steam boilers with a maximum firing heat capacity of 436 MWth at the Gelsenkirchen-Scholven site, with two plants in construction at Field North and two at Field Centre.

    STEAG GmbH has been commissioned by ROG as General Contractor (EPC) for the planning, construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

    STEAG Energy Services GmbH (SES) is responsible for the technical processing providing the following services:

    •  General planning
    •  Detail design
    •  Technical control of subcontractors
    •  Site management / construction supervision
    •  Commissioning management

    Installed capacity 2 x 140 t/h (2 x 122 MWth)
    2 x 120 t/h (2 x 96 MWth / 15 MWel)
    Technology Natural circulation boiler
    Fuel Natural gas / coke gas / refinery gas
    Customer STEAG GmbH / Ruhr Oel GmbH
    Execution of SES services 2017 - ongoing