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    Herne CHP Plant, Germany

    Continuous process quality and condition monitoring with SR::SPC

    An early warning system which detects impending damages and creeping decreases in the process quality is to be installed. SR::SPC continuously aggregates the most important power plant performance indicators and, from the vast amount of data from the DCS, analyzes all relevant data on processes and main components. Owing to the automatic analysis, the solution detects critical as well as creeping changes. Together with the respective departments of the CHP plant, the process variables to be considered in the process quality and condition monitoring were defined. SR::SPC reports significant changes, critical levels or a failure of performance indicators automatically. In doing so, the system autonomously informs the responsible experts e.g. by e-mail.

    Installed capacity960 MW
    Installed IT solutionearly warning system (SR::SPC)
    Technologyhard coal-fired power plant
    CustomerSTEAG GmbH
    Execution of SES services2008