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    Autarkic Energy Supply Agios Efstratios, Greece

    Engineering services in the Green Island Project

    The Greek islands produce electricity by means of diesel generators. In 2010, the Greek government started a project to determine a sustainable energy supply solution for these islands. The consortium of Evonik AG, Creavis, LI-tec, and a Greek partner was awarded the contract for the performance of services for the prototype concept for the supply of Agios Efstratios with renewable energies. STEAG Energy Services GmbH, being a part of the Evonik Group at that time, performed the engineering services necessary to demonstrate the technical project feasibility. Among others, these tasks were performed:

    • Data collection and data evaluation
    • Rating of PV and wind plants
    • Rating of battery and hydrogen storage systems
    • Engineering of a supervisory power control concept
    • Revision of the electrical grid protection scheme
    • Simulation of energy yield and proof of concept by big data evaluation
    • Economic evaluation (CAPEX – OPEX) › Risk evaluation
    CustomerEvonik AG
    Execution of SES services2011