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    Crucea North Wind Farm, Romania

    Early detection of deviations in operating parameters

    The predictive analytics system SR::SPC (IT solution part of the monitoring and optimization package WINDcenter) was implemented to detect emerging faults of monitored components at an early stage. Due to its high degree of reliability and at the same time low proneness to false alarms, SR::SPC is suited for monitoring a wide variety of process characteristics in a widely automated way. The benefits: Detection and remediation of underperformance of wind turbines; improved planning of maintenance timing, logistics, and resources of wind farms; avoidance of consequential damages at wind turbine components.

    Installed capacity36 x 3 MW
    Implemented IT solutionPredictive Analytics
    TechnologyVestas wind turbines
    CustomerSTEAG GmbH
    Execution of SES services2014