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    Neurath Coal-Fired Power Plant, Germany

    Continuous condition monitoring and boiler leakage detection with SR::SPC

    In Neurath, SR::SPC is used as an early warning system for leaks in the evaporator. A 3rd-party system consisting of 21 microphones and an analysis computer continuously records the noise in the evaporator tubes. The SR::SPC early warning system evaluates these recorded noises and reliably sends alarms when the noise changes significantly. In this way, several leaks have already been detected at an early stage.

    The following benefits could be achieved: relief of the operating personnel during the ongoing evaluation of the microphones' data and cost savings through avoidance of boiler trips, avoidance of major consequential damage, and shorter repair downtimes.

    Installed capacity604 MW
    Implemented IT solutionEarly warning system (SR::SPC)
    TechnologyLignite-fired power plant
    CustomerRWE AG
    Execution of SES services2012