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  • Contributing expertise responsibly and efficiently

    In offering successful and competent engineering services and project realisation worldwide, a company must be capable and willing to take the big picture into account. Whether in India, Brazil, China or Botswana, we assume special responsibility for the local population and environment during our projects and their realisation.

    Our Services ensure environmental protection, security of supplies and economic efficiency are always in harmony – from the planning and throughout implementation. Furthermore, as part of the Iqony, we pursue the aims of strengthening the local infrastructure in the respective project countries and making a social commitment.

    Iqony directly supports state schools and various social institutions as well as within the scope of state funding programmes, among other topics. We specifically prioritise the in-house training of local experts and the international knowledge exchange worldwide. The assumption of social responsibility is reflected in virtually all areas of our business activities – both externally by cooperating with our business partners and internally in interacting socially with our employees.