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  • Power plant operators

    Do you want to consistently improve and/or enhance the efficiency and availability of your plant? Are you seeking a partner for a cooperation on an equal footing? We are familiar with the challenges your business faces in all technologies. You can draw on our many years of experience, and working with you, we will find the appropriate optimal solution for solar, wind, biomass, natural gas or efuse waste.

    Here’s what we can do for you:

    • We use professional engineering to extend the capacity of your systems.
    • We enhance the efficiency of existing facilities.
    • We bring facilities up to the latest state of technology.
    • We plan and update environmental systems.
    • We make operation efficient.
    • We minimise waste and optimise downtime.
    • We ensure consistently economical plant operation.
    • We operate your systems as if they were our own.
    • We provide support during decommissioning.

    All this of course while also guaranteeing environmental standards and using new, innovative tools.