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  • Your partner for nuclear technology projects

    We are knowledgeable in nuclear technology - absolutely sure

    We are a reliable partner for national and international operators of nuclear facilities, providing comprehensive general planning services and other extensive services related to nuclear technology and beyond.

    For over 50 years, Iqony has been planning and constructing nuclear infrastructure facilities for various operators and institutions. We have extensive project experience both domestically and internationally. With a special focus on the safe handling and secure storage of radioactive materials in power generation, research, and medicine, we realize technically approved and cost-effective engineering projects. We are the general planner of facilities and supplier of bespoke components with nuclear requirements. Particularly, when it comes to handling, conditioning, or interim and final storage of radioactive waste, we are a reliable partner.

    We integrate safety analyses and computations, nuclear physics-, structural dynamics-, and thermodynamic calculations, machinery, process, and control engineering according to nuclear regulations into the planning and construction process, providing comprehensive solutions from a single source We develop technical procedures for the conditioning or storage of radioactive waste, and we accompany and carry out the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities.

    Solutions and services for operators, research, public authorities, and medicine

    We operate worldwide. Our engineers have a strong expertise in handling nuclear projects under various regulatory frameworks.

    Our Services in detail:

    • General planning: We are your reliable partner for the planning and construction of nuclear facilities, with a special focus on the handling and storage of radioactive waste and residues. We support you with concepts, complete facility planning including civil engineering and architecture, and take care of permits/approvals and logistics. During the construction phase, we provide construction supervision and, in some cases, act as supplier. Naturally, we employ the latest methods and BIM techniques for integrated planning. The approvalrelated designs and computational verifications are carried out by our specialists using established and approves software. Additionally, we are certified according to KTA 1401.
    • Electrical engineering: Certainly, electrical engineering is an integral part of our services. It includes safety-related electrical and control engineering as well as radiological monitoring and surveillance. We stay at the forefront of electrical power supply, with a particular focus on process, plant control, and safety.
    • Nuclear regulatory approvals: We provide all the necessary technical interpretations required for the approval process, as well as safety analyses and radiation protection calculations as an integral planning team in-house
    • Nuclear calculations: Computational simulations of flow processes, shielding and dispersion calculations for radiation protection and nuclear safety, and dynamic Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations for civil engineering are all provided by our in-house team.
    • Process engineering: The conditioning of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities are challenging tasks worldwide. For this purpose, we develop tailored disposal concepts, take over the planning and approval process of necessary treatment and conditioning procedures and facilities, and design the logistics processes. This includes the use of KTA crane systems.
    • Ventilation and process engineering: Where reliability and safety are crucial, such as in nuclear facilities and research institutions, we, as one of the leading ventilation experts, take care of the planning of reliable ventilation systems - also considering energy efficiency and sustainability.