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    O&M Full Scope

    Refinery Power Plant Leuna, Germany – O&M Full Scope

    RKB Raffinerie-Kraftwerks-Betriebs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Iqony Solutions, is Operator of the Refinery Power Plant Leuna.

    The refinery power plant is located on the site of the Leuna Chemical Park in Saxony Anhalt and is fully integrated into the refinery process, providing electricity, process steam at three pressure levels, compressed air (10,000 Nm3/hour) and cooling water.

    Since 1996 RKB is the Operator of the Plant and fully responsible for the O&M under a Full scope agreement that includes the management, staff and spare parts procurement for the plant.

    Project facts

    • electricity: 101 MW (3 steam turbines)
    • steam: 162 t/h (3 oil-fired boilers)
    • steam: 155 t/h (1 gas-fired boiler)
    Fuel ultra-heavy oil residues and off-gas
    Customer TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland
    IQS performance period seit 1996 - ongoing