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    Combined Cycle Power Plant North Bangkok 2, Thailand

    Process quality optimization with the IT solutions SR::EPOS, SR::SPC and SR::EAGLE

    The plant consists of two single-shaft units, each with a gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator. STEAG Energy Services (SES) has commissioned a process quality monitoring system (SR::EPOS) including validation according to VDI2048 to optimize the plant. Furthermore, a system for the support of predictive maintenance (SR::SPC) was implemented. SR::EAGLE was installed for an extended evaluation of the results of the aforementioned systems including troubleshooting. An intensive training program enabled the customer to put further systems into operation.

    Installed capacity2 x 400 MW
    Implemented IT solutionSR::EPOS, SR::SPC, SR::EAGLE
    CustomerElectricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
    Execution of SES services2015 - 2018