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    Decarbonisation study for district heating generation

    swb CHP Hastedt, Bremen, Germany – Concept Study for Decarbonization of District Heating Generation

    Iqony Solutions was commissioned by swb Erzeugung AG & Co. KG to prepare a decarbonisation study to investigate the options for future district heating generation at the Hastedt CHP site.

    As a result, a multi-engine CHP plant in the order of 70 – 100 MWel emerged as the best concept solution.

    The concept study included the following tasks:

    • Basic determination
    • Definition of boundary conditions
    • Investigation of primary energy options for the site
    • Investigation of system options for the site
    • Development of variants for future plant configurations
    • Selection of variants to be further pursued in the context of workshops
    • Determination of approximate design and operating values, installation options and overview schedules for the selected plant variants
    • Economic feasibility study
    • Comparison and evaluation of the variants