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    Decarbonisation study: Green district heating for industrial customers

    Green district heating for an industrial customer of the Düsseldorf municipal utility – Concept Study

    Terms of reference:

    • Existing industrial site should be supplied with up to 100 MWth of green district heating
    • Preference for green district heating from renewable sources
    • Investment cost estimate, comparison of annual costs, installation sketches, scheduling, etc.
    • Three variants: Green PPA and contracting/generation with up to 20 MWth of green heat on-site/full supply with green heat from adjacent new plant

    Project facts

    Installed capacity up to 100 MWth / 25 Mwel
    Live steam parameters 110 bar / 530 °C
    Fuel Natural gas/Biomass/Waste wood
    Customer Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG
    IQS performance period 06/2021 – 12/2021