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    Feasibility study for the construction of a SNCR plant at two boilers in the industrial power plant

    OQ Chemicals Oberhausen, Germany – Feasibility Study SNCR

    Feasibility study for the implementation of an SNCR plant at two boilers at the industrial power plant of OQ Chemicals in Oberhausen, Germany

    OQ Chemicals operates an industrial power plant consisting of several boiler plants at the site Oberhausen to ensure a reliable steam supply. Both boilers 7 and 8 required retrofitting of a DeNOx system in the course of the amendment of the 13th BImSchV and the associated tightening of the emission limits for NOx.

    Iqony Solutions (IQS) examined the feasibility of setting up a DeNOx plant based on the SNCR process on the basis of a test and measurement program. Based on the test results and own calculations, a rough design of the main components as well as an investment cost estimate was made.

    Project facts

    Fuel Natural gas, fuel oil, liquid and gaseous process residues
    Firing system Bottom burner
    Heating capacity 260 MWth
    IQS performance period 08/2020 – ongoing