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    Decarbonisation study for the conversion of an oil-fired boiler plant of an industrial power plant

    Industrial Power Plant Salzbergen, Germany – Energy Concept Study

    Conversion of the oil-fired boiler plant 7 of the industrial power plant Salzbergen, Germany

    SRS EcoTherm GmbH operates an industrial power plant (IKW) in the Salzbergen industrial park, consisting of a waste incineration plant, an oil-fired boiler 7 and a gas-fired boiler 8, in order to guarantee the site’s electricity and steam requirements.

    Taking into account an increasing tightening of the 13th BImSchV, various options for action (including furnace/flue gas cleaning conversion) for a continued operation of boiler 7 were investigated and evaluated both technically and economically. In particular, it was to be examined which measures or investments would be necessary to expand the usable fuel range of boiler 7 with regard to the parameters sulfur and nitrogen in order to increase the operational flexibility of the IKW.

    Project facts

    Boiler Corner tube steam boiler (43 MWth)
    Live steam parameter 460 °C, 38 bar, 55 t/h
    Flue gas cleaning Flue gas recirculation (NOx-reduction), dry desulphurization with hydrated lime, fabric filter
    Customer H&R Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Spezialitäten GmbH/SRS EcoTherm GmbH
    IQS performance period 05/2020 – 08/2020