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    Real laboratory of the energy transition at the HydroHub

    DESIGNETZ - HydroHub Fenne, Voelklingen, Germany – Real laboratory of the energy transition

    Technology area – Sector coupling and hydrogen technologies

    The real laboratory HydroHub Fenne” for electricity-based hydrogen production with waste heat utilization shall be built and tested on an industrial scale at the Voelklingen-Fenne site in Saarland. Its aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from the sectors involved.

    The real laboratory shall be integrated into the power plant site Voelklingen-Fenne and is to enable, in particular, the provision of system services and sector coupling (electricity-heat-traffic) in an economic way. Against the background of the high system complexity of sector coupling, artificial intelligence will also be used to further optimize the economic operation of the Fenne site.

    Project facts

    Performance Engineering services for planning and execution of the real laboratory
    Customer STEAG Power GmbH
    IQS performance period 09/2019 – ongoing