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    Iqony as general planner for preliminary, draft and approval planning

    Power-to-Methanol – ZASt, Zella-Mehlis, Germany

    Zweckverband für Abfallwirtschaft Südwestthüringen (ZASt) operates a waste treatment plant at the Zella-Mehlis site in Southwest Thuringia and is planning a production plant for synthetic methanol.

    Hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are needed to produce methanol. Both will be produced on site. For this purpose, the following plants will be constructed: A water electrolysis plant (10 MW), and a plant for CO2 separation from the waste gas stream of the waste incineration plant. After synthesis of these two gases, marketable methanol is produced in a two-stage rectification.

    Iqony Solutions (IQS), as the general planner, prepared the preliminary and draft planning as well as the approval planning.

    Project facts

    Water electrolysis performance 10 MW
    Production capacity 5,000 – 7,000 tons of green fuel
    CO2 savings up to 10,000 t/a
    Customer Zweckverband für Abfallwirtschaft Südwestthüringen (ZASt)
    IQS performance period since Oct. 2021