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    Optimization of an air conditioning system using the "Energy Monitor" software

    Optimization of an Air-Conditioning System

    After the commissioning of a new site, the energy consumption was checked by means of the Energy Monitor software. When analyzing the electricity load profile of the air-conditioning system, it was determined that the system was continuously in operation even on days without production and on weekends.

    Moreover, it turned out that it had consumed more electricity than necessary due to faulty settings. Both items were remedied in two steps.

    As it was only necessary to adjust some settings in the system control, the improvement measure required no investment costs at all; however, it has effected a significant and lasting saving of energy, costs, and CO2 emissions.

    Project facts

    Industry of the customer Engineering industry
    Year 2020
    Investment costs of the measure €0.00
    Energy saving 113,000 kWh per year
    Cost saving > €20,000 € per year*
    CO2 saving 63 tons of CO2 per year

    *Saving applies to 2020 at a current electricity price of €0.178/kWh; accordingly, a saving of > €45,000 at an electricity price of €0.401 €/kWh in 2023