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    Optimization of a lighting system using the "Energy Monitor" software

    Optimization of a Lighting System

    At a production site of a customer of OPTENDA, the lighting system was converted to LED. It was foreseeable that this conversion would entail a significant saving of energy, which was easily proven in the Energy Monitor software.

    However, the tracking of the conversion also revealed another saving potential: Due to the grid analysis in the Energy Monitor, faulty settings and a defect in the automatic control of the plant were detected, causing the lighting system to be continuously activated at times. This was remedied quickly and easily by means of a few clicks, thus saving even more energy.

    Project facts

    Industry of the customer Engineering industry
    Year 2019
    Investment costs of the measure €116,000 for the new LED lighting
    Energy saving 310,000 kWh per year
    Cost saving €57,000 per year*
    CO2 saving 170 tons of CO2 per year

    *Saving applies to 2019 at a current electricity price of €0.184/kWh; accordingly, a saving of > €124,000 at an electricity price of €0.401/kWh in 2023