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    Optimization of a compressed air system using the "Energy Monitor" software

    Optimization of a Compressed Air System

    In the context of a compressed air audit, a customer of OPTENDA was looking for savings potentials in their energy consumption – which he found using the Energy Monitor software: The analysis of the electricity load profile showed a suspiciously high base load as well as high load peaks.

    By means of the Energy Monitor, the responsible leakages were detected and fixed. Based on the information provided by the software, the load peaks were significantly reduced as well.

    The improvement measures for were implemented quickly with little effort. However, they have a lasting effect, which can be easily tracked and monitored in the Energy Monitor.

    Project facts

    Industry of the customer Plastics industry
    Year 2019
    Investment costs of the measure €1,000 for material & working time
    Energy saving 43,000 kWh per year
    Cost saving €8,000 per year*
    CO2 saving 24 tons of CO2 per year

    *Saving applies to 2019 at a current electricity price of €0.184/kWh; accordingly, a saving of > €17,000 at an electricity price of €0.401/kWh in 2023