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    Evaluation of optimization measures in the cogeneration plant

    Nagda Cogeneration Plant LANXESS, India – Evaluation of optimization measures

    Iqony Solutions (IQS) has performed the following services:

    • Evaluation of optimization measures (superheater relocation, submerged ash conveyor, biomass feeding system, retrofit of existing traveling grate unit) at Nagda biomass cogeneration plant
    • Engineering and arrangement design of new filter type
    • Preparation of technical specification for new baghouse filter (PJFF) instead of existing ESP
    • Site investigation and preparation of technical report

    Project facts

    Installed capacity 33 MWth, 3,5 MWel
    Live steam production 45 t/h
    Fuel Soya stalk, mustard husk, coal (back-up)
    Technology Traveling grate boiler
    Customer LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
    IQS performance period ongoing