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    Planning of a CHP incineration plant

    CHP incineration plant, Kamionka, Poland

    Planning of a CHP incineration plant Kamionka

    SFW Energia wants to build a waste-to-energy power plant in Kamionka. Next to the power production of approx. 10 MWel, the power plant shall especially produce heat for the existing district heating system in Kamionka. Additional to municipal solid waste, refuse derived fuel should be considered also as a potential fuel.

    Iqony Solutions (IQS) has provided the following services:

    • Conceptual design
    • Layout planning
    • Preparation of technical specifications for different components
    • Evaluation of offers

    Project facts

    Installed capacity approx. 37.5 MWth
    Live steam parameters 41.5 bar / 423 °C
    Fuel MSW, RDF
    Fuel input approx. 11.25 t/h
    Customer SFW Energia Gliwice
    IQS performance period 07/2019 – 12/2019