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    Combustion Optimization (Fully automatic combustion control)

    Waste Incineration Plant Bonn, Germany – Combustion Optimization (Fully automatic combustion control)

    PiT Navigator from Iqony Solutions (IQS) was implemented in all three lines and since then optimizes fully automatically the respective combustion processes.

    Services by IQS:

    Optimized control of grate velocity, primary air quantity and distribution, feeder speed, secondary air quantity and distribution as well as air preheating.


    Guarantee the waste burnout by PiT Multisensors; reduced deviation from the steam flow set point via neural prediction model; the model will be retrained on current process data to adjust to changes of the fuel.

    Project facts

    Installed capacity 250,000 t/a
    Installed IT solution PiT Navigator Waste
    Technology Waste incineration plant
    Customer Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH
    Execution period (3 lines) 2008 - 2010