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    Reliable compliance with emission limits by using the PiT Navigator SNCR

    Dyckerhoff Cement Kiln 8 in Lengerich, Germany – Reliable Compliance with the Emission Limits by Using the PiT Navigator SNCR

    Iqony Solutions (IQS) implemented the IT solution PiT Navigator in the Lengerich plant, which is one of the most modern and biggest cement plants in Germany.

    Services by IQS:

    continuing usage of the existing SNCR plant; extension of the existing control system by means of PiT Navigator SNCR


    fully automatic closed-loop control of the SNCR plant without manual control actions, reliable compliance with the legal daily and half-hour emission limits of NOx and NH3; consumption reduction of the reducing agent by 15 percent

    Project facts

    Production capacity 3,700 t clinker per day
    Implemented IT solution PiT Navigator SNCR
    Technology cement plant: rotary kiln with five preheater stages, calciner
    Customer Dyckerhoff GmbH
    IQS performance period 03/2015 – 07/2015