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    Continuous process quality and condition monitoring with SR::SPC ML

    Cogeneration Plant Mannheim, Germany – Continuous Process Quality and Condition Monitoring with SR::SPC ML

    In the recycling of household waste and materials from commercial and industrial customers, plant availability is one of the top priorities.

    Monitoring the current condition of the plant is intended to ensure safe operation in the future. With the help of the automatic monitoring of various assemblies and plants with SR::SPC ML, anomalies in plant behaviour can be detected early and unplanned outages avoided. Furthermore, the system supports the planning of maintenance measures and the evaluation of revision and cleaning measures. The resulting time savings further increase plant availability.

    Project facts

    Installed capacity 300 MW
    Annual throughput 700,000 Mg/a
    Implemented IT solution SR::SPC ML
    Customer MVV Umwelt
    IQS performance period 2018