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    Optimization of maintenance process with SR::SPC

    Wind Turbine Manufacturer VENSYS, Germany – Optimization of maintenance process with SR::SPC

    The manufacturer of gearless wind turbines based in Neunkirchen/Wellesweiler, Saarland, decided in 2017 to use the predictive analytics system SR::SPC from Iqony Solutions (IQS) for monitoring the wind turbines under service contracts with VENSYS.

    Following a comprehensive analysis of the data and an optimization of the KPIs used, the predictive analytics system is being put into operation step by step. It analyzes over 300 turbines on a daily basis using a large number of configured process grades and, if necessary, the operating team is informed via the integrated mail distribution function. In this way, early oncoming changes in the plant process can be identified and remedied.

    Thus, monitoring with SR::SPC enables a profound optimization of the entire maintenance process, from the planning of the staff to the spare parts logistics.

    Project facts

    Installed capacity approx. 300 x 1,5 MW to 3,5 MW
    Implemented IT solution Predictive Analytics (SR::SPC)
    Customer VENSYS Energy AG
    IQS performance period 2017 - 2019