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    Combustion control

    Waste Incineration Plant Vestforbrænding, Denmark – Combustion Control

    For lines 5 (2006) and 6 (2010), Iqony Solutions (IQS) supplied a fully automatic combustion control system. The control system works in the entire region defined by the combustion capacity diagram.

    Services by IQS:

    Optimization of air distribution, feeder speed and stroke and grate speed; automatic adjustment of the corresponding actuators


    • Increasingly smooth process operation
    • Increasingly stable steam output (lower control deviation)
    • Lower wear of the plant
    • Higher ash quality (better burnout)

    Project facts

    Waste throughput 600,000 t/a
    Implemented IT solution PiT Navigator Waste
    Technology Waste incineration plant
    Customer Vestforbrænding
    IQS performance period 2006 and 2010, respectively