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    Vitrification plants for China

    Vitrification Plants for China – Diwopu Vitrification Plant (DVP) and Vitrification Plant China (VPC)

    Planning of two vitrification plants (VPC: 2009-2022) and follow-up project with increased capacity (DVP: 2020-2030) for the remote-controlled conditioning by vitrification of liquid, highly radioactive waste.

    • Overall plant design
    • Detailed planning of processes and equipment
    • Supply of key components
    • Support of the construction, installation, and commissioning

    Project facts

    Sites Guangyuan and Diwopu, China
    Customers China Nuclear Energy Industry Co.
    China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.
    Betreiber DVP: The 404 Company
    Betreiber VPC: SEPEC
    Consortium Iqony Solutions GmbH
    in the consortium
    IQS performance period DVP 2020 – 2030