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    Indo-European Union Cooperation Program

    Workshops on rehabilitation, modernization and development of training program skills

    STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt. Ltd was hired by the European Commission for providing the following services. Organizing two workshops on:

    • Review of R&M (Rennovation & Modernization) and O&M practices in India and comparison of Indian and European R&M procedures
    • Development of training program skills and expertise

    Based on the above two workshops the following was developed:

    • A roadmap for R&M and O&M of existing Indian coal-fired power plants
    • A proposal for a training program to enhance the capacity of the Indian thermal power sector managers to plan and carry out R&M in a timely and efficient manner
    • Organizing a study tour to Europe for Indian power sector engineers on R&M and training practices
    Beneficiary organizationCentral Electricity Authority, Government of India and State Utilities
    CustomerEuropean Commission
    Execution of SESI services2013