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    Karlsruhe Reprocessing Plant, Germany

    Planning services for the dismantling of hot-cells of the storage and evaporation plant for highly radioactive waste

    The planning scope of STEAG Energy Services (SES) comprised: structural engineering, ventilation engineering, radiation protection measuring technology, caissons, locks, crane systems, conveyance, instrumentation / control technology, communication, remote handling technology, dismantling by remote handling, manual dismantling. The scope of services provided by STEAG comprised: Service Phase 1: verification of the dismantling concept, Service Phase 2: preparation of licensing documents for the dismantling approval, Service Phase 3: supporting the licensing procedure, Service Phase 4: preparation of tender documents, Service Phase 5: support to the award of contract, Option 1: checking the final planning documents, Option 2: construction supervision and assembly monitoring.  

    CustomerRückbau- und Entsorgungs GmbH
    Site Karlsruhe
    Technologyreprocessing plant
    Servicesplanning services: dismantling
    Execution of SES services2008-2014