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    Santa Vitoria Thermal Power Plant (Biomass), Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    The plant consists of a cogeneration project with 190 tons/h of steam, 43 MWe of generation. It is equipped with a rotating grill type boiler fueled with sugar cane bagasse received from the DOW-Mitsui ethanol complex. Utilities delivered also include LP steam, compressed air, demineralized water, cooling water and effluents treatment. STEAG Energy Services do Brasil was hired by ERB to perform the following services:

    • Comprehensive training to achieve operation readiness
    • Operation & Maintenance services
    Installed capacity43 MW + 190 t/h LP Steam (1,5 bar atm)
    CommissioningJuly 2014 - April 2015 (COD)
    CustomerERB - Energia Renovaveis do Brasil
    Execution of SES services2013-2015