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    Increasing Revenues, Reducing Costs, Unlocking Hidden Potentials

    You want to systematically increase the revenues of your onshore or offshore wind farm, minimize the power generation costs by lastingly reducing the operation and maintenance expenses and thus unlock full profit potentials?

    Here the Iqony WINDcenter offers you a powerful solution that is totally independent of the plant technology. By means of the intelligent analysis of data for operation management and condition monitoring (SCADA and CMS), the early warning system of the WINDcenter detects faults long before costly damages and/or downtimes occur. You do not have to wait long for beneficial results. As no sensors need to be installed, the WINDcenter is ready for use in a minimum of time.

    Avoidable faults regularly lead to production losses, as you can see in the diagram of various wind farm configurations. If, however, faults or malfunctions are detected in time, the annual energy production can be increased by more than 0.5 percent.  

    Our services are…

    • flexible and thus independent of the size of your wind farm
    • modular, i.e. the solutions are customized to suit your individual requirements

    • precise, as we apply our tried and tested IT expert systems (operation management system SI®/PAM, IT solution for condition monitoring SR::SPC) for analyzing SCADA and CMS data so that only actually relevant alarm messages are generated
    • target-oriented, as our early warning system detects creeping process change as well as spontaneous deviations from the desired operating condition (IT solution for condition monitoring SR::SPC)
    • future-oriented, so that “Big Data” or “machine learning” do not remain buzzwords but give you a real competitive Edge
    • transparent, as now detailed, regular, and event-related reports on the performance of your wind farm are available  

    You benefit from various advantages like e.g.

    • independent service, whatever plant technology you use
    • lasting prevention of unnecessary damages and cost-intensive downtimes
    • better planning of maintenance measures e.g. in periods of low wind
    • more efficient maintenance strategies e.g. by “smart maintenance“ based on predictive maintenance
    • precise detection of output deficiencies at wind energy plants
    • targeted recommendation of corrective Actions
    • future-proof investment in a solution by experts with decades of experience in the energy industry  

    Please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the benefits of the WINDcenter.