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    Redundancy concept for thermal utilization of liquid and gaseous residues

    OQ Chemicals Oberhausen, Germany – Concept Study New Boiler

    Thermal utilization of liquid and gaseous residues (exhaust airs) at the industrial power plant of OQ Chemicals in Oberhausen, Germany

    OQ Chemicals operates an industrial power plant consisting of several boiler plants to ensure a reliable steam supply and a safe thermal disposal of liquid and gaseous production residues at the site Oberhausen.

    In addition to natural gas, liquid production residues and/or gaseous waste gases (exhaust airs) are also thermally utilized at two boiler plants. In order to ensure redundancy with regard to the thermal utilization of liquid & gaseous residues (exhaust airs) in the future, a redundancy concept in the form of a new boiler plant was to be developed and (safety) technically evaluated.

    In addition, an investment cost estimation was made taking into account explosion protection conditions. Tender documents were prepared for redundant operation of the various exhaust air networks.

    Project facts

    Topic Redundancy concept for thermal utilization of liquid and gaseous
    Fuel Oxo- and amine-containing exhaust air, liquid process residues
    Live steam parameters 18 bar, approx. 211 °C (saturated steam), approx. 18.5 t/h
    Customer OQ Chemicals Production GmbH
    IQS performance period 04/2020 – 11/2020